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MARLENE D. LAKE, an Ordained Minister, a retired United Methodist Pastor, and a Master of Divinity graduate of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, has served as pastor of four United Methodist churches and as chaplain at Bethany Lutheran Homes. Marlene also has Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and has taught Communication Skills at two colleges. She has published two books in the Covenant Park Series (Lake Ministries) and her children’s book, Gospel Egret Points the Way to Jesus, has been published in both English and Spanish. Marlene lives in Wisconsin.

Marlene D. Lake, AuthorOne day during the summer between semesters at Dubuque Theological Seminary, the Holy Spirit impressed on me that I was to write about the prophetess Deborah. Knowing I would be obedient, I read Judges Chapters 4 and 5 to find out about her.  Captivated by Deborah’s life, I asked my mentor, when I returned to seminary, to help me create an independent study to learn all I could about Deborah.  I studied the Old Testament to create a realistic foundation about the times in which Deborah lived, researched libraries for information, and even went on a Seminary sponsored trip to the Holy Land to explore areas Deborah had lived.

After I began pastoring churches, every time I was asked to speak to women’s groups, I spoke of the Prophetess Deborah.  When I kept getting whole scenes in my mind for the Deborah book and had no time to write them, I knew I had to retire from active pastoring and begin writing.  I’ve loved the time I spent with Deborah and believe readers will too.

I carried this love for Deborah another step and wrote a study guide, Deborah, a Woman in a Man’s World, focusing on the fine qualities Deborah exhibited as she grew in statue to become a leader of a nation. I focused on examples from Deborah’s life in Deborah: Mother of Israel and compared them to women’s lives today.  Deborah’s faith and character have much to impart to women.  Even before the book is published, I’ve been asked to speak about Deborah to women’s groups and churches.  Part of the presentation will be my dramatic portrayals in costume giving Deborah’s response to events in her life.

I enjoy reading contemporary Christian novels and have written two books of a trilogy, showing how life’s challenging situations help people grow, change, and live more effectively.

I facilitate a Christian women’s group dedicated to praying for church, community, nation, and world.  We believe that prayer will help change the troubled world in which we live.

Sewing has been a continuing love since I was a child.  I’ve arranged to share that love and teach sewing to two granddaughters, ages 7 and 10.  They’re enthusiastic and eager to begin the sewing a project we have in mind.

Readers can contact me through email or learn more about Deborah at www.DeborahBook.com and www.DeborahOils.com.  


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It took a woman to lead an entire nation to victory

The compelling story of the biblical Deborah, from young girl to the commander of an army.

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