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Deborah, a Woman in a Man’s World  


When I finished writing Deborah: Mother of Israel, I thought of the fine qualities Deborah exhibited as she grew in stature to become a leader of a nation. Deborah’s faith and character were strengthened through the struggles she faced. Today women struggle in much the same way that Deborah did. I asked myself, "What message can we glean from Deborah’s life that will benefit women’s lives?"

To answer this question, I focused on examples from Deborah’s life in Deborah: Mother of Israel and compared them to women’s lives today. The result was a study guide: Deborah, a Woman in a Man’s World. I loved writing about Deborah and hope readers also will come to appreciate and apply the fine qualities of this unique woman to their own lives.

The study guide is available for purchase in both paperback and e-book formats.  See the Where to Buy page for details.

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It took a woman to lead an entire nation to victory

The compelling story of the biblical Deborah, from young girl to the commander of an army.

A book by author Marlene D. Lake

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